About Us

About Us

The story of how the WickiStick™ went from a great idea to in your hands:

Hi, my name is Honey Dietrich and I’m the proud owner of Modmother Vapors in Sunrise, FL for over five years now.

Shortly before I opened my shop, I got my first RDA. After I opened the shop and left the corporate world my shoe obsession changed to a vape obsession. I  quickly became an enthusiast for vaping and had at least one of every RDA that we sold in our shop.

Most evenings, I’d be practicing builds and making coils. I was great at it, but when it came to putting the cotton in, it would drive me nuts!

So, the idea for what is now the WickiStick™ came to me. Getting my idea manufactured wasn’t so easy. I tried numerous companies and didn’t have the time to keep searching.

Then, one evening, a customer came into the shop while his wife and daughter were at the beauty shop next door. We talked for a while and hit it off. I took his card, and we kept in touch (he owned a manufacturing company).

I had a couple of ideas for things I wanted to do, and he put me in touch with one of his partners, Jesus. When I showed up at his office for my appointment with Jesus, I was told there was no one there by that name. Then I asked for Stacy (my current and AMAZING partner). When he came out, he informed me that Jesus is in the Miami location, and I was in the wrong place. Talk about being in the wrong place at the right time!

This mistake ended up being one of the best mistakes I’ve ever made. I went in and showed Stacy my idea. He shared with me that he already had a few patents of his own. He took me for a tour of the enormous warehouse, with tons of people who were busy filling orders. I was thoroughly impressed with the operation. Although he knew very little about the vape industry, he knew this idea was a winner!

So, with his contacts, and his existing company, we became partners on our first venture together, The WickiStick™.